A driverless city

Can you imagine what your city would be like if all the vehicles on its roads (passenger cars, buses,trucks,…) moved about autonomously? In total, 15 student teams let their imaginations take them where few automakers and urban planners dare to go. These teams tackled the following question: What would Philadelphia look like if cars, buses, taxis and other vehicles drove themselves around the city,communicating with each other and with the people who summon them to get to work or play?

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Autonomous vehicles: How interested is the Government of Ontario?

At the end of 2013, several contacts based in Ontario sent us a document entitled “A pilot project to safely test autonomous vehicles – summary of proposal”. Having been involved in the area of transportation evolution and autonomous vehicle technology for a while, we were clearly intrigued. We admit that we read the document several times because we wanted to understand precisely what the Government of Ontario was stating or alluding to through this document.

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