New battery ‘charges 20 times faster; gives electric cars a 300-mile range

Is this what the electric car dreamers have been waiting for? Power Japan Plus is to mass-produce this year “Ryden,” a disruptive carbon battery that can be charged 20 times faster than an ordinary lithium-ion cell.

The battery, said to cheap to manufacture, safe, and environmentally friendly, could massively improve the range and charging times of electric cars, Gizmag reports. The range it is said could be a staggering 300 miles .

According to the company, their technology would allow you to charge the battery of a Nissan Leaf in 12 minutes instead of four hours. There would be a charging time of 42 minutes for the 85 kWh battery of a top of the line Tesla Model S.

The battery has a long lifetime of 3,000 charge/discharge cycles (Li-ion’s life is closer to 1,000 cycles)

Power Japan is planning to start production of 18650 dual carbon cells later this year for specialty applications such as medical devices and satellites. They plan to license the technology to other companies for use in electric vehicles.



Source:  NOEL YOUNG, The Drum

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