VisLab’s driverless car – BRAiVE

BRAiVE prototype moving driverless thanks to the use of VisLab’s intelligent solutions.

VisLab is one of the first laboratories to invest on vision technologies on board of vehicles and its efforts are still contributing to shape the history of vehicular robotics.

The application of vision systems on board of vehicles not only requires to fully dominate the latest vision technologies, but also have a deep knowledge of the key issues of this environment, such as calibration, illumination, noise, temperature, power consumption, as well as cost and installation requirements.


During the past 20+ years, VisLab developed a number of vehicle prototypes integrating different functions, from ADAS to fully automated driving. In particular, the perception layer has attracted a lot of interest, together with the navigation layer.  Vehicle detection, obstacle detection, pedestrian detection, lane detection, traffic sign recognition, and terrain mapping are only some examples of the capabilities which have been embedded on VisLab’s prototypes.

This video shows BRAiVE moving driverless thanks to the use of VisLab’s intelligent solutions.