UK trials

More information regarding the four trials aimed at helping the UK become a leader in the driverless race. Beyond safety, the government sees the enormous economic benefit that can be derived from R&D investments and later, developing and exporting its expertise. Milton Keynes is already seeing the economic benefits with 7000 new jobs being created over the next six years.

Coventry & Milton Keynes: Autodrive Programme will develop infrastructure to work with autonomous cars navigating roads. Driverless pods will ferry people around pedestrian areas.

Greenwich: Gateway Project will test automated electric shuttles and robotic valet parking.

Bristol: Exploration of insurance implications of driverless vehicles.

As these and other countries prepare for tomorrow’s mobility, we ask what Canadian governments are thinking and when we will see mobility history being made in this country with regulatory changes, permitting the testing and operation of driverless technology, and pilots that will attract investment and encourage development of this technology among Canadian organizations with strong relevant capabilities.

Who better than Canadians to develop the technology that will allow for driverless vehicles to function properly in snow and on ice?


Photo : Digital Greenwich

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