Electric transport

A number of EV projects were discussed over the last few weeks.

Pacific Gas & Electric have asked California regulators for permission to roll out an unprecedented 25,000 EV charging stations.

While EVs have proven themselves as passenger vehicles, electric propulsion has yet to make significant inroads in the heavy vehicle space.  However, numerous investments in battery technology are paying off and this will contribute to electric propulsion in heavier vehicles. One of Tesla’s co-founders, Ian Wright, is targeting Class 8 garbage trucks as the benefits are significant for an application that is estimated to do 130 miles with 1,000 hard stops and 1,000 full brakes per day. There are over 110,000 refuse trucks in the US alone. His company, Wrightspeed, has raised $32 million, and is developing quiet garbage trucks with a strong payback.


Photo : Wrightspeed

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