Jurisdictions demonstrating an interest in driverless technology

More and more jurisdictions are demonstrating interest in opening up their roads and highways for the testing of driverless vehicle technology. A change of regulations permitting such testing is often a first step towards attracting R&D investments.

Iowa could soon see the first autonomous vehicle only road in the state that would be used as a real-time transit only movement.

Nevada’s Governor wants “transportation officials to consider adding support for self-driving cars as part of a multimillion dollar highway improvement project in Las Vegas”.

Virginia is opening up over 70 miles for autonomous vehicles to test their real-world skills. The Virginia Automated Corridors (combination of highways, arterial roads, and urban streets) represent a microcosm of the conditions SDCs “will face once broad-scale deployment takes place, tapping into HD maps from HERE and vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech.”

New Zealand Transport Minister has discussed the potential for his country’s roads to be used to test driverless vehicles and according to an article in the New Zealand Herald, “Google’s California staff have expressed an interest in testing driverless cars in New Zealand”.

In China, manufacturers and suppliers are “being told to step up their game in the race towards autonomous vehicles”.

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