Technology News from Volkswagen, Bosch, Daimler, car2go and Verizon

Volkswagen is developing a new system of robo-parking and EV charging. The “V-Charge” system will enable the car to park itself while you go about your business. The “vehicle senses obstacles, pedestrians, other cars and everything else it will need to avoid, even without the help of GPS that can go haywire in a parking garage. If you’re operating an electric vehicle like the VW e-Golf, V-Charge also hones in on an available parking spot offering automatic induction battery charging. If need be, the car will wait in a regular spot until the charge spot opens up, then move into position and start restoring the battery.” This is fantastic news for EVs as it makes EV ownership that much easier.

Meanwhile, Bosch, Daimler and car2go are launching an autonomous car-parking pilot that should make the use of car sharing even easier and more attractive.

In an effort to minimize accidents involving pedestrians (14% of all accidents), Verizon “is testing a way for pedestrians’ phones to simply talk to drivers’ phones, which will do the location sensing and deliver the warnings themselves”.