Government planning

Every week, several pieces are written about the impact of autonomous vehicles on government revenues. One of the obvious impacts is the reduction of revenue due to the use of law-abiding driverless vehicles (no infractions for drunk driving, speeding, …). What is surprising to us is that there are jurisdictions making 10, 15, 20 year plans without taking this impact into consideration.  One of the largest road infrastructure investments in North America, the Champlain Bridge / Turcot Interchange project, has never even considered the arrival of driverless vehicles in the coming decade despite the fact that the infrastructure is being built to last over 50 years.  Wise move ?

And then, there are the jurisdictions that set the pace for others to follow. As Helsinki pursues its plans to eliminate the need for personal vehicle ownership by 2020, it considers what it will do with the parking spaces allocated to cars today. We will devote an upcoming newsletter to exploring Helsinki’s plans with one of its key architects: ITS Finland’s Chief Executive, Sampo Hietanen.

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