Freightliner introduced autonomous vehicle driver training and certification.

Also in trucking news, Mercedes-Benz Actros with Highway Pilot is the first series-production truck to drive on a partially automated basis on the motorway. According to Daimler, “the advantage is that Highway Pilot is more alert and attentive than any driver”.

The Ministry of Transport of Singapore has announced it will test the use of driverless trucks in its ports. Permanent Secretary for Transport Pang Kin Keong says the Ministry of Transport will test “truck platooning” technology for moving containers between port terminals. A truck with a driver will be followed by a convoy of three or four driverless vehicles. He is quoted in a Singapore Economic Development Board report as saying this reduces manpower reliance and increases productivity while benefiting Singapore’s logistics sector, which has been facing a shortage of drivers.

Lockheed Martin is one of the latest companies to invest in Peloton Technology, a developer of truck platooning systems. There might be potential to use some of Lockheed Martin’s technology to improve platooning.

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