Electrification of transportation

As demonstrated by the agreement reached at COP21, governments around the world are turning to electric transportation as a solution to combatting climate change…and rightly so. A recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists shows electric cars not only eliminate tailpipe emissions, but that they beat gasoline cars in cradle to grave emissions regardless of the source of electricity.

Reducing emissions from transportation by promoting the uptake of zero emission and plug-in hybrid vehicles is a key part of Ontario’s new climate change strategy. The Government of Ontario also announced a residential and business EV charging incentive program.

More positive Canadian environmental news: Manitoba will join Ontario and Québec in introducing a cap-and-trade system for large carbon emitters.

Québec is a signatory to the International ZEV Alliance.

On Canada’s West Coast, Vancouver councillors are set to vote on an ambitious energy strategy that would see the city getting every last joule of its power from renewable sources within 35 years.

In Montreal, Taxelco launched its electric taxi service called Téo.

And, in always exciting Silicon Valley, Faraday Future, a mysterious electric vehicle start-up, with 400 employees, plans to build a $1 billion EV pla

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