Driverless integration

BestMile, a spin-off of EPFL that offers a solution to control fleets of autonomous vehicles, has signed up with its first customer and formalizes its partnership with CarPostal as part of a two-year project in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The consumer

Safety features are increasingly introduced into vehicles. This however does not mean that motorists understand these features. In a survey by the university, a majority of drivers expressed uncertainty about the way many of the safety technologies work. About 40% reported that their vehicles had behaved in unexpected ways. The least understood technology was adaptive cruise control, which can slow or speed up a vehicle in order to maintain a constant following distance. That technology has been available in some models for at least a decade. As additional features are introduced into the vehicles, will it become necessary for drivers to be trained on using the technology?


In a recently released survey, 62% of young city professionals would consider using a self-driving vehicle if one was available. The research, conducted by the Transport Systems Catapult, shows that 39% of people in the UK would also consider one.

Another recently released survey from the World Economic Forum and BCG indicates that 58% of consumers are open to trying self-driving cars.

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