Mum with no appetite while pregnant gives birth to a huge 2ft tall baby boy


A woman has given birth to a baby boy who was so big and heavy, she said it “took two people to lift him out,” despite having no appetite during her pregnancy.

Amy Smit, 27, delivered baby Zagrys via Caesarean section on May 25 at a hospital near her home in Cheddington, Bucks.

Her son, known as Zeik, weighed a whopping 12.9lbs – just shy of a stone – and measuring two feet tall.

It was a shock to Amy and her husband Zac, 28, who said the tot was so large he didn’t fit on the weighing scales.

Amy, who is also mum to two-year-old Lola, said: “He was so big that it took two people to lift him out.

“There were all these really small ladies around me, and I heard one of them saying, ‘I need some help, he’s enormous’.

“When they lifted him above the screen for me and Zac to see, my first words were ‘b* hell’.

“We knew he was going to be a tall baby because all the scans showed he was quite long, and both Zac and I are around the six-foot mark.

“But we had no idea he would be that big.

“He didn’t even fit on the scales when they went to weigh him, he was too long and wide. They had to make a makeshift plank thing to balance him on them.”

The average birth weight of baby boys in the UK is about 7lb 8oz.