Woman who lives in caravan shares hack to keep sofa in pristine condition


A woman who lives in a caravan has revealed a life-hack she swears by to keep her sofa cushions in pristine condition.

Kathleen Johnson, 19, loves her unconventional home and has filled it with plush furnishings and decadent extravagances, and regularly shares videos of her antics on TikTok.

By doing so, she’s racked up nearly 78k followers who often comment on her videos – and one recurring question is, ‘why do you keep plastic on your sofa cushions’.

Now Kathleen has explained that she does so to keep them clean, and that layering the sofa in plastic is her number one cleaning hack – as it means any dirt can be wiped off.

Sharing the info with her fans, Kathleen said: “I’ve seen this question on most of my videos and other peoples’.

“The reason why we put plastic on our seats is because obviously they’re not leather, and if anything, like, spilt on them, or anything, it gets destroyed.

“Luckily my seats, it’s got zips, where you can zip the material off and wash them. But I still put plastic on, just in case.

“Personally, I don’t really like the plastic on my seats, I think it looks better and cleaner without.

“But obviously when you’re married and everything, and they’re coming back in their work clothes and you’re making food.

“Because obviously I have got a few little brothers and they’re wild, and they cannot keep nothing clean.”

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