Toyota’s exit provides a blank sheet for creative manufacturing


Yesterday’s confirmation that Toyota will cease its car manufacturing in Australia by the end of 2017, combined withHolden and Ford’s withdrawal by 2017 and 2016, signals the end of car manufacturing in the country after more than half a century.

But can car manufacturing in Australia find a new – albeit different – home in the creative economy? Chances are there will be many people now looking for solutions and new directions. Companies such as Zoox, a Melbourne-based start-up design company, are already offering innovative ideas in this space, if not actual products…

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Tampa approved for driverless car testing

Driverless cars

Tampa, Florida — Cars that will change the world could be cruising through your neighborhood soon — and there will be no one holding the steering wheel.

Tampa Bay is about to become a leader in America for cars that keep you from crashing and make your life better.

The Selmon Expressway just got a big approval from the federal government. It’s now one of only ten roads in America set up to test “connected cars,” leading to totally driverless cars…

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