The Transportation Evolution Institute undertakes three types of projects :

  1. Research
  2. Strategies and Policies
  3. Demonstration and Seed Projects

These projects are funded by governments and private organizations, in partnership or jointly. Generally, the results of our projects is made available to the public through this website.  However, projects are also conducted on behalf of financial supporters that request confidentiality and/or anonymity. In the same way, contributions from project partners, in cash or in kind, are always publicly acknowledged unless otherwise requested by the funding supporter.

The TEI is currently seeking funding for the following project(s):

eVe (and HERVÉ, its French counterpart) propose to make independent advice and road testing of electrical vehicles accessible to everyone at all times by operating several demonstration centers called eVe: electric Vehicle experience.

This initiative already gained broad support from the electric vehicle community of Québec where it is intended to be launched in 2014.